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All the worlds a stage and the people merely players. ~Shakespeare
Marvelous man, he was. Albion is my stage, and the spotlight is mine.  
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Actually it made me laugh! Sorry everyone who was annoyed by Reaver doing this hee hee
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“When Chris & Leon met up in RE6, they should’ve fused together, DBZ style. They form the almighty Chreon, a tall bulky man, with boulders for arms, and glowing radiant hair. They super punch/kick/suplex Carla, and the game just ends. RE6 would’ve gotten game of the century.”
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Always dispute…
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Elizabeth cosplay from BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea
This is what perfection looks like in my head.
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Elizabeth Cosplay By AngelaBermudez
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What is all this? They were watching me? All this time... Why? Why did they put me in here? What am I? What am I?!
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